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Hey everyone and a warm welcome to Think Invest Excel website where we strive to offer ,assist and refer you to some of the best platforms ,services ,tutorials and coaching when it comes to getting you equipped and ready as you embark on your online journey in business .

Being someone born in Africa & raised in Zimbabwe I had liitle if any opportunities and resources to successfully charter a path in digital marketing ,affiliate marketing and much more . I strived to aquire as much knowledge as i can and research many different resources that are not only exceptional but affordable especially to the underpayed and unemployed folk .

Now i would like to share ,assist and empower people just like me attain success online .

Over the last couple of years i searched and invested in many different programs to no avail until i found a community and platform that offers evereything one needs to embark on a online journey with great support structures and I would like to introduce you to my new found family at Wealthy Affiliates .


I qualified as copier/printer technician in 2002 and worked a couple of jobs before venturing out on my own . Where I studied applied information technology and graphic designing . I opened a print shop and worshop for maintenance in my home country (Zimbabwe) which was relatively successful UNTIL the economy came crashing down .

I moved to Botswana the home country of my mom ,where i again started building a print shop then Covid 19 hit and the lockdowns began . I always had a interest in digital marketing and was researching it passively . When the Pandemic hit i knew it was time for me to change careers and get more serious in online marketing and passive income .

During the inevitable lockdowns that literally forced us out of business i began to invest numerous hours searching the internet ,watching videos ,reading articles not to mention attending numerous webinars at the most awkward times due to our timezones . By the end of December 2020 i had felt i was finally ready to step out into the digital realm ,enthusiastic and raring to go into 2021 with a bang ….

After a testing 4 months and alot of money spent i still had not made progress .

I tried drop shipping various sites and affiliate programs in both passive income and health with no luck and no actual chart or path of progress – I was in the dark . Until i read a article about Wealthy Affiliates & clicked the most significant link i’ve ever clicked .

My journey had finally began .



First and foremost is the current situation i see everyday of my life with in Africa where people are working 10hrs just to pay rent and eat 1 meal a day ,with barely enough left from their meagre salary to even begin dreaming about a brighter future .This has driven me to dedictate my life and time in empoering my people to not only create passive income but to grow and be able to sustain it with the right foundational training .

The digital world is a ever changing landscape and can be daunting & scary to say the least . It is my vision to see the average person begin to broaden their horizons and start taking steps that will ultimately allow them to build a better life for themselves and their families and communities .

From my personal experience ,trials and challenges i have faced that have at times got me on the brink of quitting and giving up my dreams . I would genuinly want to make your journey :

  • Easier
  • More Complete
  • More successful



We all have heard the saying Rome was not built in a day ,this holds true in the sense that if YOU are willing to put in the time & effort to build your digital empire without growing weary and taking short cuts ,my friend SUCCESS beckons for You .

Our primary goal is to develop a community of like minded people with a common purpose of empowering each other to make the world a better place . As pandemics and harsh economical realities begin to hit harder and harder our goal is to equip and empower You to be able to generate a sustainable income online whilst still being able to pay it forward .

This can eradicate poverty ,bring the crime rates down and build a better tomorrow for our kids .

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Reach for the stars


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