Adzooma : A Platform for Microsoft & Google Web Advertising

In this article I will be sharing how to use Adzooma’s AI advertising platform for your website and affiliate links that you may want to drive traffic to. A perfect tool and great promotion to get you started with PPC ads so if you ever wanted to know about and get started with ONLINE ads now is a stupendous time to do so .Interested keep reading OR jump straight to your FREE $125 COUPON

Increase your marketing outreach with Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Web Advertising

While Adzooma can be used to track your Google, Facebook and Microsoft Ad campaigns,I will be focusing on the latter, simply because of the sign-up bonus offered to all new Microsoft Ad accounts which consists of a $125 coupon on your first $25 ad spend coupled with its award winning optimizations that help you improve your ad campaigns for better results it’s literally the perfect launchpad that exponentially increases your chances of success.

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Microsoft Advertising a Brief Look at the Numbers

According to reports, the Microsoft Search Network receives 7.3 billion monthly queries. (Yes, that’s billion with a “b” in front of it.) Businesses may target people who are searching on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL using its search ad alternatives. This offers Microsoft Advertising a combined 33 percent of the total search market share in the United States, with the percentage significantly greater for desktop searches.

Bing Ads The Metrics

Microsoft Ads additionally allows you to reach 63 million search users who aren’t reachable through Google Ads.

What makes Microsoft Ads Unique

A crucial statistic that may be of interest to businesses and affiliate marketers is that Microsoft Search Network visitors spend roughly 30% more money online than the average web searcher. While Microsoft searches account for just over a third of all desktop searches, brands are likely to find less competition for their sponsored search advertisements on Microsoft than on Google. Furthermore, Microsoft Ads might be up to 70% less expensive than Google Ads.

More clicks for less!!! Just my kinda cup of tea

Microsoft just released a new capability that will generate fresh variations of your existing adverts and apply the suggestions for you. Although this is a touchy subject you have the option of manually doing it or better yet let Adzooma do all the optimizing and variations for you.Did I mention it’s free ?

Start now upgrade later or never it’s entirely up-to you though I think it’s worth mentioning some key features when you upgrade.

Adzooma Key Features

Adzooma Advertising AIWith the essentials (free) sign-up you get :

• Get a 360-degree view of your advertising campaign performance.
• Track your campaigns, ad spend, and SEO performance from one dashboard.
• Use Automated Rules to streamline tasks and cut hours of manual work.
• Increase your ad spend and ROI by optimizing your campaigns

With the essentials plus sign-up you get (Cost 69Pounds Monthly) :

• Microsoft Advertising is the best way to drive qualified leads and sales with our suite of solutions.
• We offer a complete suite of solutions for your business, including:
• Listings Management
• Bid Adjustments
• Website Analysis
• Advanced SEO Insights
• Dedicated Account Management


Pro tip: Fit Small Business reports that Bing (Microsoft Advertising) specializes in targeting the retail and financial industries, which makes the search engine an ideal marketing option for brands in these niches

Microsoft Ads vs Google AdsGoogle ads plus Microsoft ads equals success

PPC and display ads are both covered by the Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising networks. While the Microsoft Advertising display network is smaller, covering primarily their own consumer products such as X box, MSN, Windows OS, Microsoft Edge, and Outlook, it still reaches almost a billion unique monthly users.

Furthermore, those networks have some top visibility ratings in the market.
In several cases, the two systems utilize significantly different terminology. Google, for example, uses both cost of conversion and cost per acquisition (CPA), but Microsoft only uses CPA. Ad headlines are referred to as “headlines” by Google, whereas they are referred to as “titles” by Microsoft Advertising.

Pro Advice:

Why not take advantage of using both platforms to run your ads seeing as Adzooma gives you the capability to run,monitor and optimize from both platforms all packed in one dashboard. As the saying goes have a google winning ad you probably will be successful running it on Microsoft and visa versa.

The takeaway – your first step to profitability.

In the United States and most of the world the Google brand is practically associated with online searching. However, the Microsoft side of searches offers a wealth of new potential for reach, leads, and sales.

You might be shocked by the paid search results you obtain outside of Google’s platform, especially when it comes to exclusive partners, cheaper clicks, and gaining an edge in a competitive industry.

After all, your competitors are almost certainly on Google, but not necessarily on Bing. There’s a lot to be said for being the bigger fish in a smaller pond. What are you waiting for create your free Adzooma account below



14 thoughts on “Adzooma : A Platform for Microsoft & Google Web Advertising”

  1. pasindu dimanka

    Thanks so much for this post. Because these days I am very interested in these microsoft ads. Because I want to increase the traffic to my website. Very valuable compared to google ads. I was wondering which of the two was better. Also this Adzooma platform is very good. I will register and try it. Thanks so much for posting like this. Keep posting like this.

    1. Glad I could help ,it is a definite go to do Microsoft ads as the pool of buyers are more ready to make decisions .If you have tried google ads or are currently using them I will be posting a article on how to double your google ad spend  

  2. Hi, I’m in the process of building out my blog, & one of my future traffic generating avenues will be ppc. It’s nice to be made aware of Adzooma as a potential tool I may use for this. I found your article engaging, well put together and very likely a program I can see myself becoming involved with. Thanks again Alan.

    1. Happy to help should you have any questions please do get in touch ,I will be doing a full tutorial on Microsoft ads using Adzooma soon 

  3. It is informative and helps understand where to place your adverts. 

    Google Ad is seemingly losing market looking at SNAP earnings. 

    It is nice to know Microsft can add more value with less input in Ad and has a better opportunity to earn more money for you.

    I have always prompted in my email for placing Ad. I have not started it yet.

    Your blog came in right time, I will be able to use the knowledge.

    1. Awesome ,now is a great time to get on board with Microsoft Ads as clicks and competition are much lower.

      To your continued success

  4. Thank you for this information. Getting traffic to your website is defiantly a vital part of your business.  It seems like this could be a good way to gain traffic for your business.  Would you recommend one company over the other and which one have you had better success with? Thanks again for putting this information out there. Keep them coming……

    1. Hey Robert

      I could not agree with you more traffic is the lifeblood of any online business .Personally I use both google and Microsoft ads with Adzooma you have the ability to track ,optimize and scale Google, Microsoft and Social Media ads on one dashboard which makes life easy 

  5. This is a great information. I use to see Adzoma adverts on Facebook but I didn’t know what they are about. I don’t believe there is a business that can succeed without advertisement. Advertising is a way of creating awareness and presence on a particular product or service. It is good to know a more affordable advertising platform like Adzooma exists. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Both Google and Microsoft’s Bing are two great options for attracting major traffic into a website, knowing that there are billions of people out in the world using their web browsers constantly. I never heard of Adzooma before, but the features that you have explained surely make it an attractive platform to use for a marketing campaign. With all the possibilities available to get a huge amount of traffic from both search engine giants, the sky is the limit. 

    1. Hey Terence the sky is definitely the limit with a globe full of people constantly searching the web .The features are amazing a must try on your next campaign and they are running another special of your first 3 months free for Adzooma Plus 

  7. Oh wow! I’m quite impressed with the fact that 33% of US citizens still use yahoo and Bing. Nowadays, it seems like Google is the best and only option out there when in reality we still have these other platform from which we can all benefit. Adzooma feels like a fresh start for those of us who have not reached their goal, or that are sketchy about ads. Looking forwards taking advantage of this magnificent deal!

    1. Hey Stephanie 

      Adzooma is a must try especially for first time ad users as it gives you the opportunity to optimize and learn the process of search engine ads ,listings, and banner ads at a unbeatable price.

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