Creating Content – That Actually Ranks

I can’t WRITE to SAVE my LIFE !!! 

Most of us get the creeps when we hear the word CONTENT ,so we make up tons of excuses to justify ourselves and the reasons we have for not even trying to start writing content .

This I found is mainly because we generally have a fear of failure,we have been mislead & misinformed or we have this notion that it takes a degree in english literature to be able to write content that actually ranks and that people want to read . Please note I speak from my personal experience .

If this is YOU ,take a deep breath sit down and relax . I was YOU and I honestly think many of the best bloggers and content creators out there have been where YOU and I are or have been .


Fear Of Writing – Overcoming The Dread

Starting is the most difficult ,staring at your keyboard and thinking man where do i go from here ? Thankfully there are numerous tutorials and trainings that cover this with in the Wealthy Affiliate Platform .

Take some time to study and do research about your audiance ,what your message is should offer value above all else .Value in the sense that what you telling them should be a step up to their education or income level (A wow moment essentially) .

Content Creation Simplified
Born To Create

After doing your due diligence in research try not to focus on yourself too much . No one really enjoys hearing someone blabber about themselves in any conversation .

Focus instead on how the article you writing can benefit them and the value the product you selling has to them . Remember the objective is to get into their heads and trigger the button that says “I want this” .

Create a template to follow for all your reviews after all content rules are easy enough to learn and keep up to date with ,the most difficult part is connecting with your audiance and keeping them (1)satisfied (2) intrigued (3) sharing your articles, which in turn simply means more revenue for you .

The more you write the more comfortable you become .the more creative you become as is the nature of everything we do “Practice Makes Perfect” .


Content Creation – Keyword Research & Titles

Here is a awesome technique I learnt from Kyle at WA .Watch a short video illustration on the Alphabet SOUP Technique (6min roughly).

Jaaxy is a industry leading tool to use that will help you generate keywords but has the ability to show you where your site ranks under keywords .

With over half a million keywords researched daily you need something extra to save, store, share, export and manage all of your keyword research activities with Jaaxy’s state of the art keyword management platform.

SEO and Keyword Research


Wealth Affiliate Platform offers access to the Jaaxy tool through out its memberships from free to premium albeit with different features based on your type of membership  (to find out more on this CLICK HERE ) ,or you could sign up FREE trial and get upto 30 keyword searches ,20 search results and much more .

SEO Keyword Research Costing
Jaaxy Costs

Things To Focus on When Choosing Keywords

  • Under 100 QSR – Which simply means you are competing with under 100 websites worldwide that have that particular keyword
  • It is grammatically correct – The phrase that you choose should always make grammatical sense
  • It gets some traffic – Naturally you want some traffic coming to your site/post (try to find the correct balance when doing this)

I strongly urge you to make keyword research a part of your daily routine as this is the basis of all your content .


Templates – Creating Templates To Follow

Why would you want to create templates ? Because writing becomes much easier when you have a map of sorts to follow and it gives you much more effeciency ! Remember write to express not impress .

People by nature respond to genuine appeals made in a conversational manner .

Keys To Consider :

  1. Works for the flow of your site
  2. Is creative
  3. Is honest and help[ful to the reader
  4. Is consistent across the board
  5. Allows the reader to feel like they making a educated decision based on facts

A Basic Guide Line :

  • Review/Post should have a minimum of a 1000 words
  • It should have 8 Headings
  • Pragraphs should not be more than 3 lines (maximum 4)
  • A captivating title – Intrigue captures the imagination

*TIP* – Before publishing any of your articles make sure you review them for correct grammer ,spelling and re-read it a day later ,allowing yourself to sound it out and edit accordingly .


Visualization – Show Dont Lecture

We all heard the saying “Seeing Is Believing” ,this holds true in so many ways . With in each of your posts or reviews use images that clearly portray your message and instructions .Video is getting alot of hype these days so that will be a awesome add on to your content .

Canva For Begginners
Canva Dashboard

Make sure your images are high quality and original . For this I use Canva a online design tool that covers many facets .

A simple ,clear and understood message is what ultimately will engage and sell a customer . Image is everything ,never I mean never forget that you are a brand and whatever you write about should support that brand however subtly .


You Are A Masterpiece – Unleash Your Limitless Talent

This is such a broad topic I feel we probably could go on and on discussing the many ways to approach ,write and portray content .

As we reach the end of this post I would like to remind you that ultimately your review/post is your story seen through your eyes and written by YOU .Start expressing yourself by the power of the written word , the visualisation of vivid imagery and video .

Your story matters and I believe we all are creators in our own rights .

Your writing should always strive to meet a need , solve a problem and help your audiance make more informed ,educated and helpful decisions .

If you have any input ,questions or helpful insight please use the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible .

To Your Continued success



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