Fiverr For Affiliate Marketing – Overview

What is Fiverr and can I make money from it ? Fiverr is the worlds largest market place of highly talented freelancers who get things done for businesses from as little as $5 (Services include Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing,Writing & Translation, Video & Animation amongst many others).

Yes! You can make a handsome income with Fiverr Affiliates through primarily the two methods which are (1) FiverrCPA and (2)Fiverr Hybrid commission plans.

Fiverr commision plans

Commission Structures – Fiverr As A Affiliate Marketer

Bummer Alert the fiverr platform pays you a commission based on (FTBs – First Time Buyers) which simply means people who do not have an account on fiverr and excludes people who have accounts despite the fact they have never made a purchase on the platform .

Still interested ? Let’s look at the various commission structures and how they work :

  1. Revenue Share Model – The long and exhausting game where you get a share of every purchase your referral makes at any given time.Fiverr gets 20% of all work done and you as the marketer get 20% of fiverr’s commission and not the total cost of the product/service purchased .fiverr revenue share model As you can see this model I would not personally recommend as it requires a lot of sales for you to realize any substantial sort of income.Best suited for people who have tonnes of organic traffic .
  2. CPA Model – Highly recommended ! This is where you earn anywhere between $15 and $150 depending on the service category.Please view below image to see commission breakdowns via CPA
    Fiverr CPA Commissions
  3. Hybrid Model – This model allows you to earn on a commission basis (10%) of every purchase and an additional $10 commission CPA for all FTBs (first time buyers),ultimately ensuring you get paid for every purchase a referral buys over a 12month period (Pretty Awesome Right).
  4. Learn From Fiverr – A really handy tool that gives both members and non-members access to the fiverr learning academy where one can take courses in Digital Marketing, Branding & Design, Web Development E.T.C. or just sharpen up their skills. With a healthy 30% commission per course sold it’s a definitely worth looking into. UP YOUR SKILL SET TODAYFiverr Learn
  5. Fiverr Business earn up-to $100 CPA for each referral to the business model which also pays a 10% ongoing net deposits rev share.
  6. Fiverr AND.CO – This is a SaaS tool designed by fiverr to better assist freelancers and small to medium business achieve maximum efficiency by (1) Managing their GIGS (2) Keeping track of time (3) and managing invoices properly & efficiently.As an affiliate for this product you earn 50% ongoing deposit rev share for each AND.CO Pro sign up.
  7. Unified Plan – Also known as the sub-affiliate plan and is super cool as this is specific to affiliate marketers and you can really boost each other while earning a modest 10% recurring commission of every other affiliate marketer you got to sign up. Not yet an affiliate SIGN UP HERE!!!

Claim EXTRA Commissions from fiver of up-to $200 per FTB (Limited Time) and get an extra $10 through fiverr’s Gig Ads Widget. Pretty awesome hey. Sign up today!!!. and stake your claim to better earnings.


Is Fiverr Safe To Market? – Damn Right It Is

While it goes without saying Fiverr is a pretty darn good platform to all parts of the community from buyers to sellers to affiliate marketers like you and I that offers us multiple ways to make money,get services done for the world at large and make sure how clients we market to are protected.

Yesss Fiverr uses escrow and holds payments from buyers until they are either satisfied with the work or simply wants a refund. It usually takes up-to 14 working days for sellers to get paid thus ensuring that our clients get the best out of their hard-earned cash .

Fiverr Pro which I highly recommend not only for the tidy $150 you earn but it is reserved for only 1% of all freelancers who are thoroughly vetted essentially cutting down the risk of a refund or unhappy happy client. You can take a sigh of relief your reputation is in good hands! Check It Out Here

Generally Fiverr has a pretty good rating system on all it’s freelances from customer reviews.ratings and projects completed. Stay with me and see why this is relevant.


Tips & Tricks To Making Money On Fiverr

Glad you stayed with me as I explore various other ways you can use fiverr to maximize your income potential.

  • Deep Links – Not only are they helpful and relevant but it goes without saying THEY WORK! This is basically finding gigs on fiverr and doing the market research using tools like JAAXY and many more to bring a customer to exactly the service/gig they are hunting for or really need done asap and just need a nudge. Watch this SHORT VIDEO walking you through deep linking
  • Promote On Quora Arguably the largest Q&A forum on the internet filled with people and marketers alike wanting to know about fiverr. Write a review/blog and simply direct people to it (If you have no idea where to start check out this post RIGHT HERE that should get you up and running with a good blog site hosted for free. BE WARNED it is absolutely without a doubt not permited to place affiliate links in Quora and many other sites including social media sites.Social Media Marketing
  • Leverage FiverrThere are numerous ways to do this I’ll run through 1 or 2 and be sure to do an article specifically on this. Set up an agency and market on other platforms like UPWORK, FREELANCER AND TOPTAL you are sure to find gigs on fiverr that are costlier on these sites. Become a seller by using tools like CANVA that easily remove backgrounds and market them on fiverr for what $5 per gig and you can create so much more in literally minutes.
  • Social Media Goes Without Saying Fiverr is worldwide(190 Countries) and has most likely over 200 categories/niches you can explore through the multiple groups and forums available on Facebook you could literally help so many people by offering services on fiverr.
  • Take Advantage – As an affiliate marketer or small business owner you are sure to need some things done to pimp your business, ads,posts,graphics and creatives so leverage your time while dictating the price. Start Out Sourcing Now

Get to work and start earning passive sustainable income and tell yourself “You Got This” “No MORE Excuses”. With information so readily available and affordable you are your only excuse!

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FAQs About Fiverr

How do I get paid by fiverr ?

  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer

How often are fiverr commissions paid out?

  • Affiliate are paid monthly and these payments must be requested by the user
  • Seller/Freelancers get paid after 14days of completing a gig

Is Fiverr Affiliate program and Referrals program the same thing?

  • Nope! the key difference being that the referral program you share as either a buyer or seller on fiverr and it does not pay out in cash but in points which you can use to purchase or save up for your next job required
  • To sign up as a buyer or seller CLICK HERE, To sign up as an affiliate CLICK HERE

What are the T&C’s of fiverr?

  • Time is never enough while I hope this overview gave you a general idea of how fiverr works for affiliate marketers, here is a document that best describes all the relevant information.
  • Start Up Guide
  • Affiliate Agreement


A Final Word – Fiverr Yes or No

Am I a little biased to the pro’s of fiverr ?Probably as a happy user myself and an affiliate I think it’s only natural. My reasoning is pretty simple :

#1. As Solid as They Come

#2. Trusted Brand

#3. Is very Popular and still Growing

#4. Has no real competitors

#5. Protects Clients/Buyers so you kinda guaranteed to be really helping some one out(which should be the ultimate objective of every marketer)

These are just a few of the reasons I strongly recommend fiverr as a product to market albeit it does have a few setbacks such as :

  • Commissions are mostly FTB (FIRST TIME BUYERS)
  • Commissions are capped e.g while $150 is a good payout the actual job/gig could cost thousands of dollars
  • Payment thresholds are steep,it would help if you could draw your cash at a lower threshhold

Fiverr also has great support to all it’s affiliate marketers giving you access to a library of tools you can use such as creatives and banners which do come in different languages and sizes. With the all new Gig Ads Widget, deeplinking and a homepage designed for converting clicks it surely trumps most affiliate programs out there and it’s free to join.

Hope you enjoyed the read, please feel free to drop a comment, question or testimonial in the comment box below I would greatly appreciate it and promise to get back to each one of you ASAP.

OOOPS I almost forgot Fiverr is a definitive YESSSS from me

Sign Up Here

To your continued success


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