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With so many website builders out there offering awesome code free web developing tools and platforms (Wix,Shopify,Etc) we are spoilt for choice to say the least .Which could be hmm a two edged sword of sorts .

How I got to know about and use the SiteRubix web builder came as a bonus of sorts for me,included in the starter through to premium subscriptions of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I joined with the sole purpose of learning and excelling in affiliate marketing but here was a pleasant surprise .

SiteRubix Website Builder

The SiteRubix builder was introduced to me as a 30 second web builder and being the curious person I am and well the fact that it came in an all-inclusive package,I decided to make use of ALL the tools within the platform and here are my thoughts on this site builder .

What You Get – SIteRubix Package

Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Business – I got to admit that headline had me envious like wow why did I not I come up with that ! With a power packed web builder that boasts the following features I got to work building my own site :

  1. Community
  2. Training
  3. Support
  4. Tools

Community – This claim I would give a 4.8 out of 5.0 as per the extensive review we did on Wealthy Affiliate. With the community at WA backing this web building tool you will be literally blown away at the response time it takes to get help at any stage of your build .

Boasting a community of over 1.5 million members from all over the world,with experience in the various areas of web building/online business development and to top that off, people from all over the world really does exterminate long time delays caused by the various time zones we have. You are assured to have loads of company no matter the time of day it is in the area of the world you in .

Training – A definite 5.0 out of 5.0,once you get your website up and running you can follow the easy and very visual step by step courses and training available to you. After getting more familiar with the functionality and set-up process let your creativity take over and head in the direction you see so vividly in your mind .

The belief and objective at SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliates is for you to focus more of your energy & creativity creating content that serves your clients or audience,which in turn grows your BRAND and well your INCOME AND saves an enormous amount of time and money it usually takes non-technical users such as the you and I’s of the world it normally would .

Support – Yet another 5.0 out 5.0 ( You must be thinking is there really anything that good available, a resounding YES would be mine and countless other satisfied clients. Get access to qualified website developers and tutors who will be there with you every step of the way PLUS get feed back, points and tips on your website from experienced Internet entrepreneurs

Tools – With all the essential tools needed to build a website at the tips of your fingers. You literally have 10s of thousands of features and functionalities you can add to your website with a click of a button .

Domains – Buy,Transfer or Point

SiteRubix gives you the ability to purchase a domain with in their platform allowing you to build your brand from the ground up using your preferred name of choice. Should you already own a domain that you have purchased from any other service provider moving it to SiteRubix has never been easier (literally a click of a button).

Another option you have is pointing your existing domain to the servers at SiteRubix which IS NOT has complicated as it may sound with detailed tutorials which are to the point and relatively short you can have your branded piece of digital office space secured .

Free WordPress Themes in SiteRubix

If you are a skeptic and want proof that this platform is built for you,it’s simple sign up here for free, get a free.SiteRubix domain plus hosting,build the site of your choice with or without the incredible help offered at WA and test run it until you feel (1) comfortable & (2) confident to commit and still get your site imported to your purchased domain with ease .

WordPress CMS – Content Management Simplified

WordPress CMS powers over 33% of the internet but don’t only take my word for it do your due diligence and do some of your own research.

You may be asking well why is that really relevant – because this simply means it has great support,great community and so many developers that keep it growing and getting better with each update .

With in SiteRubix you get access to over 4000 themes,multiple templates and plugins which ultimately get your website looking classy and more importantly functioning properly (This is where image meets quality and seamless functionality ) well according to me at least .

Web Design In SiteRubix

Site Content – Getting Your Site Indexed SEO

Getting ranked and found on the internet is by far the scariest and most complicated piece of the puzzle or so I thought until my encounter with the team at wealthy affiliates who really do a commendable job guiding and instructing you on where to start,how to find the right keywords that not only rank but are what one could call low competition keywords .

Let me not give you a false expectation this requires a good bit of work on your behalf and probably will take up most of your precious time.

Whether you choose to get ranked and get traffic organically or through the various advertising platforms and social media sites (Facebook,googeads ,linked in, bing,instagram e.t.c) to name a few, there my friends is work to be done from copy writing to creatives and yes you guessed it KEYWORDS .

So not to take too much of your time you can read an article on keywords and SEO HERE!

Why You Need To Be Online – Especially Now

It goes without saying that the past couple of years really shook us to the core and challenged the way we think,make money and live our lives generally.

With the pandemic throwing both individuals and businesses into a limbo to say the least it is essential that you get ONLINE sooner rather than later whether you an entrepreneur, traditional business or a soleprenuer

Out with the old in with the new – as much as we appreciate and applaud the efforts made by the world community and health organizations to bringing back some sort of normalcy to the way we USED to live.

We definitely can not for a moment think that life will go back to what we were accustomed to.

The only proven way to stay in touch or in business is ONLINE

I truly encourage and urge you to claim your piece of digital real estate now while it is affordable simply because we just can not be sure what may or may not be coming next,it does not hurt being prepared and ready for well anything .

Advantages of being Online

  • Information ,gaining knowledge and learning (keeping abreast with the world )
  • Communication and sharing with seamless connectivity
  • Gathering vital client Intel like email addresses,mapping and contact info likes,dislike etc
  • Banking ,shopping made easier without the risk of contact or having to beat traffic and ques
  • My personal favorite (Selling and making money ) The laptop lifestyle your time, your comfort whoah
  • Collaboration,work from the comfort of your home, and access to the global workforce
  • Naturally Entertainment (Movies,Gaming,YouTube and Social Media)

Moving Your Business Online Made Easy

Social Media – Branding Your Business And Marketing

Another facet I found really interesting and challenging especially getting the right kind of ads on Facebook without being blocked or having your ads rejected time after time.

The answer is simple get the help you need with in a platform that offers everything under one roof Wealthy Affiliate (Hosting,lessons,tutorials ,keyword research tools and much more)


Other Tools To Use – Design Logo,Customizing Images

Here I would like to briefly cover some important tools you may need to make your online experience a happy and successful one .

Canva is my design online software of choice for a couple of reasons. You can design anything with thousands of templates to choose from,get your logo, images , adverts from still images to video ads,banners,insta ads,Facebook ads, flyers,posters and so much more .

I get it you think more money out my pocket right,WRONG Canva is free to try ,has a free subscription before you go pro at a give away of $13.30 per month or $119 yearly.

Canva For Begginers and Small Businesses

Paypal – for ease of payment gateways I find paypal the most significant ,why ? its free to sign up ,they charge 2% per transaction and offer visa as a option for clients that do not have paypal accounts . So this I would say is essential to recieving payments ,making payments and transfering funds to and from your personal account . Plus its well known and is SECURE .

Stripe – another awesome plugin that offers visa ,mastercard and much more is another option though check your region/country as they are not world wide .

For people in Africa specifically Botswana,Zimbabwe and countries where these services are not available ,I have created a article specifically for you (Click Here)

Claim Your Digital Real Estate Today – End Note

Here we are at the end at what I hope was both an informative and convincing article .

You have a choice to make on one hand you could choose to remain in the dark ages and hope the world does not progress technologically speaking or you could do what by now you realise is a necessity to the way not only the world is moving but essential to your survival as a business person ,soleprenuer ,entreprenuer or just somebody trying to create a work from home side hustle .

If by any chance you are not satisfied with your current service provider ,need to get online and want to know how or want it done affordably and easily click the link below for a journey I am confident you will not regret

Any input or questions you might have please place in the review column of this article , we really would appreciate any useful information to add to this and we will respond to each question you might have .

To Your Continued Sussess


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