How To Use Canva For Social Media

Hey guys back with yet another cool way to use Canva for all your social media creatives and posts. I will be covering how to fully get the best out of canva which did I mention has a power packed free version and a pro version that is a total no brainer at $12.99 monthly. If you have no idea what canva is,it’s pros and cons feel free to learn more here.

Let’s get right into it……!

Social Media Post Templates

Canva comes with over 18,000 templates you can download and easily edit with their drag and drop designer tools, these templates cover all social categories from Facebook covers, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, Instagram posts, YouTube channel art, YouTube intro’, Linkedin banners, Pinterest and much much more.

Ramp up your next social media campaign by creating unique, engaging and beautifully designed graphics in five simple steps:

  1. Open Canva – Sign up for Canva or log into your account. The app is free to download from the App Store or Play Store. Once you’re in, search for the “Social media graphics” design type to start designing
  2. Pick A Template – Explore social media graphics for every industry and theme, including travel, sales, quotes, party, holiday and more. Find the perfect graphic for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Click on your favorite to make it yours.
  3. Explore Features – Get creative with Canva’s library of professionally designed photos, images, illustrations, icons, speech bubbles, shapes and other elements. Apply filters with the photo effects feature and create movement with the animate feature.
  4. Get Creative – Make your social media graphic unique by uploading your own images and artwork, adding video or audio and choosing your own background and color scheme. Customize until it feels finished.
  5. Save & Share – Download your designs as JPGs, PNGs or GIFs. Upload directly to your social media accounts from Canva using the “Share” option. Go back and edit your designs any time.

    The stats don’t lie, visual content is received better by consumers/followers not to mention between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+,almost 3 billion are active social media users. Start leveraging them to your business today by creating stunning graphics that truly tell a story, most importantly YOUR STORY!

Schedule For Social Media Posting

It’s no secret that creating engaging and stunning social graphics can seem like a never ending task and well rather time-consuming.This is where Canva gives us one of its best features yet….

Schedule – allows us to save even more time when designing social media graphics by allowing us to post directly to the desired platform all without having to leave Canva. Better yet this feature allows you to set up multiple creatives that are set to deploy directly to your social accounts at a predetermined time/schedule you have set in advance.

Simplicity mixed with time efficacy are what I’m all about so you can easily see how this unique feature appeals to me soo much. Having admitted to one of my many weaknesses lets push on to the question you must be asking HOW?

  • STEP ONE : Complete your design either from the thousands of templates or one you created from scratch
  • STEP TWO : Click on schedule located in the drop down box next to the download button
  • STEP THREE : Select the date and time you want your design published, once all your setting are complete smash the done button.
  • STEP FOUR : Schedule and connect your social accounts. Make sure to connect all your accounts(no worries each platform has a detailed walk through, just follow the steps)
  • STEP FIVE : Fill in your content, once you have chosen which platform to schedule to select the page, write your social media description and be sure to use keywords, a call to action, and compelling copy to get the best possible response.

For a more detailed, Canva has countless articles and lessons available to all its subscribers, CLICK HERE!

It’s also worth noting that the scheduling feature is only available to Canva Pro, Canva for Enterprise, and Canva for Nonprofits users.Administrators and template designers.

Business Branding & Design

Whether you just starting out or have some sort of social media presence it’s fundamental to know the concept of branding and high quality design. What is branding?Branding is the marketing practice that gives meaning and personality to any given business and for the record “branding counts for an heck of a lot in business”.

Branding is your mark and includes your logo, comapany name, packaging,colors,website design and runs across all brand collateral. With the wide variety of colors and functions Canva has at your disposal it surely has become an essential part of your business.

The importance of branding – branding helps create a memorable experience for your customers/followers, helps businesses go beyond their product and helps to provide brand awareness and brand loyalty. Create your brand design by firstly having a brand guide by simply :

  1. Choosing your brand colors
  2. Chgoosing branding fonts and typefaces

Here are 4 mistakes commonly made when branding:

  1. Design Inconsistency
  2. Copying other peoples brands
  3. Trying to appeal to everyone
  4. Out of place visuals
  5. Over-reliance on your logo

Branding Design Examples

To give you a better road map to follow when creating your brand let me show you three examples of companies that have gone beyond the norm in terms of branding:

Appleapple brand

The success of apple’s branding is down to its sleek, uncomplicated simplicity. Apple sits at the top of Forbes’ annual study for the world’s most valuable brands as of 2018. A large majority of their advertisements is simply a blank white space with a logo, a product and at times a line of text.These friends are what makes it memorable, its associated with the simplicity of their products, as well as communicating hardware simplicity, ease of use and unmatched software features,

Brand power is both elusive and invaluable. It ultimately determines your trademark’s perceived worth and how many customers are willing to spend on your products.

Nothing speaks class and efficiency like Apple.

Nikenike brand example

Nike has taken the approach of never really focusing on selling sporting attire but rather have chosen to spend billions of dollars on endorsement deals and campaigns with the worlds greatest sports stars, simply communicating the idea that everyone can be a great athlete if they had elite equipmen

The Nike business strategy is clear, invest in building your brand through emotional marketing and sports celebrity endorsements, develop products that have high-quality, market-leading technology and buy out competing sports brands

They post things to support what they believe in. Their Instagram posts show people in action either working out or working hard to accomplish their goals.

How Will You Use Canva To Spark Your Social Media

Well looks like we have come to the end of what I hope was an informative and mind opening article. The ball is in your court yet again, no excuses of not enough time, expensive design software and training e.t.c Canva brings all these powerful easy to use tools that can get your socials pimped in minutes.

The only question left is how can you use Canva to stand out with aesthetically pleasing designs ?My guess is you already have the answer so why not start with a FREE SIGN-UP and go pro when you ready!

Please comment with any questions or helpful input you may think I have missed in this article and I will be sure to get back to you ASAP.

To Your Continued Success

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