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Hey good people, back again with a topic I believe we all need help in and today I want to explore the different methods we can use to not only develop a mindset for success in our side hustles but also how to develop a habit of being successful in OUR lives as a whole. Let’s get right into it –

Finding Balance To Your Already Overwhelming Life

Starting as an affiliate marketer comes with a lot of different challenges and time seems to be one we all seem to be short of. There is not enough time right ? That’s the excuse or lie we tend to tell ourselves when it comes to doing something that normally is beneficial to us in the not too distant future.

How is it some people seem to have more time than others, accomplish much more and still seem to be happier than some. The key is to learn how to balance ALL aspects of your life and amply apply your time in a manner that best suits your lifestyle and the various goals you want to achieve .Balancing your life as a marketer

The right balance is so important and helps you avoid mental burnout, stress and depression. This process begins with clarifying what your objectives are, what your priorities are and so on. You probably have a life before you delved into the world of affiliate marketing so let’s start there. Ask yourself these questions :

  • What is important to me right now that I just can not let go of ? This could be family, a job, a gym routine e.t.c
  • What am I doing that is detrimental to my productivity and well being?
  • What time can I allocate to starting and committing to this venture ?

Once you have the answers I need you to pre-determine what you hope to accomplish (A clear goal) with in your affiliate marketing journey and finally set about determining what is the most significant thing you need to accomplish that will make everything else within your journey/project easier or more fruitful.The answer to this is the most essential thing you should be focused on. Put everything you can on hold until you have accomplished this task. Then simply rinse and repeat .

Setting Your Schedule

I hear the aghh and noooo’s already!!! Some of you are like Dan the last time I followed any sort of time table I was in high school and I hated it! Fear not this isn’t high school,this is YOUR life,Your Future we talking about, this is YOU reaching all those goals and achieving those dreams you had lost hope in.

Realize that you schedule is more liberating than restricting, and helps enormously to organize our use of time. Your schedule should be your best friend, not your enemy. Here is where I started off from, my personal 3 rules of each day –

setting a schedule

Rule #1 – Do something that will bring you closer to your goals everyday

Rule #2 – Do something that will benefit your family/health daily

Rule #3 – Do something you’re afraid to or do not want to but know you probably should

These 3 rules were are starting point for me on my personal journey as they gave me structure and formed habit. I began to add more and more to it and broke my days down into hours e.t.c (There is a time for everything).

When planning out your days be intentional about underestimating what you can accomplish within a 24 hour period, it’s much better to end the day with unexpected free time than not accomplishing what you set out to do. Unfortunately it is human nature to overestimate what we can accomplish in a set period, simply being aware of this will help you make wiser decisions.

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Tips To Remember When Planning

It goes without saying whilst time management isn’t easy it definitely is doable. Here is some advice you can use along the way :

  1. Your schedule should be weekly broken down in days and ultimately broken down into blocks of time.
  2. Be flexible and plan for the unseen(sometimes things happen that are beyond your control be able to adjust your schedule).
  3. Prioritize – Simply do what needs to be done immediately first and work your way down.
  4. Learn to say NO! You must not be willing to compromise your life for something that is not of the same value or as important to you.
  5. Cut out the BS(distractions).Before you just up and do what you want consider what the ramifications are or what the benefits are, weigh them then make the decision.
  6. Use you leisure time for pursuits that are life-enriching like reading,acquiring a new skill set e.t.c

With your boundaries set, your commitments collected and your tasks identified, enter a more granular planning mode, by determining how you are going to spend each hour every day. This leads to YOU being in control of your time so nobody can take control and seize your day but YOU .

Time The Great Leveller

Time is the one currency we all have a equal amount of at the beginning of each day, what are you trading in yours for?Busy or productive and successful people are not given special bonus of valuable hours each day. The clock plays no favorites. Seeing as we all have a equal measure of time everyday we now understand the great difference is in how we redeem or waste what we are allocated.

How do you redeem or save time?

Simply by focusing and concentrating. The greatest wastage of time occurs in the mind where we tend to dream more than we act or do. Our hands may be busy yet our minds idle and vice versa, Identifying the areas in your life where you squander the most time is as vital as the time you take to plan and execute your daily goals.

One proven method I use to redeem time is simply by using my mind to plan out various thing like writing a post/blog, focusing on what I can do while at the same time doing some mechanical and necessary physical activities. For example, I can gym while I use my mind to come up with ideas and posts or I can shower and do the exact same thing .

I hope you get where I’m going with this (Two birds with one stone).

A Final Word – Stop Wasting Time

FACT – Time is the most essential asset we have in any given facet.

It’s a no brainer that you must plan where to spend you money before it actually lands in your pocket or bank account, this my friends is why we should have a more disciplined approach to how we spend our time because unlike money we can not earn more TIME.

Make a list of your day and what you tend to do with each passing moment,eliminate what is not necessary or beneficial and replace those time slots with things that are uplifting and progressive. Today is what we got tomorrow is not promised and yesterday is gone, do what needs to be done starting as of right now and be determined not to let failure stop you.

To your continued success


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