Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Most Significant Link I’ve Clicked

In this post, I am giving you a review that is honest, insightful , and thorough of the most significant affiliate link I have clicked (Wealthy Affiliate) . I will be covering the different services the platform provides and all it can do for you and your business. If you just starting out in the online space & affiliate marketing as a part-time or full time internet marketer, have vast experience within the field or are looking for a way to build & transition your traditional business online there is ample room to accommodate you .

Before I breakdown the awesome services offered here at wealthy affiliate, I would like to give you an overview of what exactly is Wealthy Affiliates .

Wealthy Affiliates is an all-inclusive affiliate marketing platform consisting of :

  • Web Hosting (4 sites on the free membership,10 sites on the premium & 50 sites on premium plus )
  • Fully Interactive Training (Over 1000 trainings’ in various fields ,Live classes both personal and expert )
  • SiteRubix Web builder for WordPress with full training on how to build your site and get it ranked with SEO.Over 3000 themes to choose from available in premium membership .
  • Amazing research tools like Jaaxy for keyword searches with detailed insights of competition etc
  • A great hands on community (over 2 million members)that is willing and always ready to help YOU through your journey to success
  • WA was founded in 2005 by Kyle & Carson and is still going strong which in itself is testament to the service provided
  • Plus an amazing opportunity to become an affiliate for WA & Earn Lifetime RECURRING COMMISSIONS,Plus an opportunity to win a All Expenses Paid trip to Vegas held every year.
Commisions Wealthy Affiliate
Earn at Wealthy Affiliate



Wealthy Affiliate – The Overview & Rankings

Name : Wealthy Affiliate
Owners : Kyle & Carson
Website URL : www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Founded : September 2005
Training : 5.0 out of 5.0
Support : 5.0 out of 5.0
Site Builder : 4.8 out of 5.0
WordPress Hosting : 4.7 out of 5.0
Research Tools : 4.5 out of 5.0
Price : Starter – FREE,Premium $49monthly or $359yearly
Affiliate Program : 5.0 out of 5.0
Thinkinvestexcel.com Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0


Wealthy Affiliate Training – Comprehensive & Progressive

This for me personally was the outstanding feature within Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of reasons :

I was DRAINED ! WOW how do YOU get to that point where YOU have invested so much time and money and yet find yourself no where close to where you”d hoped to be.After trying numerous programs/platforms,attending countless webinars and picking up so many bits of information online,I was still confused & overwhelmed !

Wealthy Affiliate gave me the chance to start over,wipe my mind clean. The structure and path is clearly drawn up and defined,with lessons and tasks that actually make sense and help YOU progress systematically .

Courses at Wealthy Affiliates
My Wealthy Affiliate Courses

Some courses offered – To name just a few:

  1. Entrepreneur Certification
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp
  3. Website Development & Programming
  4. Social Engagement and Marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Keyword, Niche Research

The Precise 4 Step System To Building a Business Online :

  1. Select Your Interest/Niche
  2. Build a Website
  3. Get Traffic
  4. Start Earning


Wealthy Affiliate Community – Routing For Your Success

Community is something I longed for being in Africa where people think of making money online as scamy or a pyramed scheme,it was tough. I felt alone no one to speak to about my goals and vision,to ask for advice or help from were the norm.Giving up was not an option,I vowed to myself that I will prove it works and it’s a proper JOB that’s sustainable & scalable .

As soon as I joined,I felt right at home the people are welcoming,encouraging and always I mean ALWAYS ready to HELP. It was unbelievable that so many people could be routing for your success with out trying to make a quick buck out of you .

Phew I got help in under 5 minutes whenever I got stuck or asked a question,tutorials sent to my mail and links to videos and documentation on how to do various things. Left in awe my journey had truly begun .


The SiteRubix Suite – Create,Grow & Monetize Your Websites

SiteRubix Builder Video
Build a Free Website

SiteRubix Where To Begin – Skeptical is an understatement if I’m being brutally honest,being told that I can have a website up and built in 30 Seconds (who would’nt be ?). So when I say I was blown away at the ease in which it was taught and done,I can assure you will to. Without saying much watch Kyle do it

Building Your Website – Get Up and Running With This Walkthrough


Mouth Watering Features :

  1. Site Manager – Available on Free
  2. Site Builder – Available on Free
  3. Site Domains – Available on Free
  4. Site Content – Available on Free
  5. Site Comments – Premium
  6. Site Feedback – Premium
  7. Site Support – Premium

Not to mention over 3000 themes to pick from , and some handy plugins .


Managed WordPress Hosting – A Total No Brainer

Like I said earlier I was scouring the internet and bought 4 domains and paid for hosting,BUT still had no actual site up 6 months in which to be fair was down to misinformation,wrong tactics and if I’m being totally honest my ego and failure to research properly had landed me exactly where I was at .

All the above had cost me 100’s of dollars if not 1000s , so when I signed up FREE and got access to build 4 sites with hosting and SSL certificates with full access to all the premium features for 7 days, it becomes clear why this was a no brainer. With in 5 days I upgraded to premium which normally costs $49 but fortune favors the brave hahaha nah great marketing from the team at WA I PAID $19 only ( Special Bonus Inside From Me To You.. Don’t Miss It!!)

YOU got to admit this was an awesome piece of business on my behalf .


Research Tools – Setting You Up For Succes

Introducing Jaaxy – a BOOM in keyword research platform that offers tools for YES you thought it keyword research,WAIT theres more PLUS competitive analyses for keywords .

Jaaxy Keyword Research
Jaaxy Keywords and Site Ranking

Now I know most of you are thinking or have researched Jaaxy and found out it’s $49 FOR THE PRO,cause who wants the free version that’s limited RIGHT ! Well guys it comes all wrapped up in your PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION at Wealthy Affiliate ( YEP $19 for your first month and $49 thereafter added to your hosting,classes ,site builder and mentor ship )

HINT: special bonus inside when you sign up for premium and claim your discount (just follow the instructions on the inside).


Incentives & Accolades

With a CRAZY affiliate offer that lets YOU earn recurring commissions for a lifetime PLUS credits for completing various tasks that can be used to purchase domains or pay for your membership .

Wealthy Affiliate Referals
Earning at Wealthy Affiliate

Certificates,Targets and a Dream trip to Vegas screaming my name. I mean who does that,really pay you great commissions and still give you the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to VEGAS. Yeah VEGAS baby. 300 referrals to get your seat among st some of the greatest minds in the industry not to mention ALL the FUN !


Wealthy Affiliate Review – Think Invest Excel “A Final Word”

Wow ! So here we are at the end of what we hope was an interesting, comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate and all the tools they have to offer .

The most significant affiliate link we at thinkinvestexcel.com have clicked has brought us to the most comprehensive and cost effective platform to building and scaling any online business,built with longevity in mind with a solid foundation to grow from the beginning with research,SEO and great leadership in content creation that actually ranks .

Put your credit card away ! For FREE, you can sign up to WA and get to build your first website ,learn how to set it up the right way and test all the awesome premium features for a whole 7-day period before committing your hard-earned cash. If you still uncertain enjoy the free or starter membership which I believe will get you to a place of confidence with in the online space. See you on the inside where we can take this amazing journey together and you get to join an ever growing community who all want to see you prosper and crush your goals .

My Three Words of Advice for You :

1 . Start – This is the most daunting step in almost any endeavor we we wish to accomplish in life well atleast in my eyes. Once you get going ,you will gradually figure things out ,become more confident and most importantly meet the right people who are willing to help and guide you ( To fly like a eagle you got to be surrounded by eagles).

2. Learn – Be hungry for knowledge,read blog posts,watch tutorials listen to podcastsand take courses if you can afford to – everything you need to succeed is out there YOU just got to want it and chase it relentlessly .

3. Apply – This is as relevant as oxygen is to your life ,it’s easy to get lost in research and material but it all counts for nothing if YOU dont apply the knowledge you aquiring . Be honest,write fair/good content,push forward relentlessly .

Success at Affiliate Marketing
Make Money Affiliate Marketing

APPLY 80% of the time and learn with the rest . Entrepreneurship is a LIFESTYLE & not a GOAL .

Should YOU have any questions or concerns about Wealthy Affiliates or what is offered with each membership on the platform please feel free to drop a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.If you would like to contact me personally you can do so at Daniel@thinkinvestexcel.com. Also if you are a former member or current one please do leave a review and/or comment below I would love to know about your experience .

Get Your Bonus Here

See you on the inside ,with this special link above YOU can have access to WA for $19 on your first month.

Thats a whooping 59% discount,upon signing up you will hear from me directly within the platform and I will hold your hand as you take this INCREDIBLE journey.

To your continued SUCCESS .


Daniel @ Wealthy Affiliate


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