What Is Affiliate Marketing ? Does It Work And Is It For Me?

All important questions to ask one’s self before endeavouring on this journey or on any career change or business venture that will require (Time,Money and Commitment) more so when it comes to affiliate marketing also known as performance marketing.

What is affiliate marketing ?

Does affiliate marketing work ?

Am I geared up for affiliate marketing ?

Let’s take a look at what skills you need,resources you will need and most importantly what mental resolve you will need to become accomplished with i n this field. No worries if you feel that you may not be equipped we hope to guide and equip you with the necessary skill set to SUCCEED!

What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing : The process by which a individual(affiliate marketer) earns a commission from a company or another person’s product by generating leads that ultimately convert to sales via various methods e.g blogging and digital advertisements. See Image below

affiliate marketing chart

Simple right ! Hmmmmm you must be like okay I know nothing of building a website or I surely can not write an article neither do I understand copy writing blah blah blah… No worries with our 3 recommended ingredients you should be able to ace it.

  1. Persistence – The ability to keep going again and again relentlessly until you attain success
  2. Consistency – The ability to do something over and over in the same way over time
  3. Open mindedness – Be open to learning,embrace new ideas and drop the know it all attitude

Should you by some explainable reason you can not master these traits,you could easily get help from the pros. Yep I mean like everything you can out source from building your website, creating ads and or writing reviews. Check out the worlds the largest platform of freelancers HERE !

Does Affiliate Marketing Work ?

It goes without saying YESSS! This is largely attributed to the numerous testimonials and success stories floating around all over the internet. But I am assuming you want some hard cold facts that prove beyond a doubt that this model of business can be highly successful and not just some hearsay .

So Let’s tackle that great white elephant in the room, if you here reading this article I am almost certain you have come across the countless ads telling you how you can make loads of cash while you lay back,sleep or travel the world overs and over. While this is somewhat true and you can make loads of money doing affiliate marketing there is a lot of legwork you have to do before you can get anywhere close to those dreamy figures!


The figures and statistics all point to affiliate marketing being a very profitable and scalable business to get into not to mention the number of ever growing people who are more than ever before willing to shop online after the horrid couple of years mankind has been through .

As per market watch the industry is set to keep growing by CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 15.7 percent up until 2026. According to the article between 2019 and 2021 the numbers were as follows 8870.8 million USD in 2019 to 15920 million USD in 2021.Astounding right!

Other factors likely to contribute to the growth of the market are the increase in the number of people who now have become accustomed to e-learning.e-shopping and the fact that most companies are adopting the work off site or work from home policies which has a domino effect .

What You Need As A Affiliate Marketer ? – Overview

Whether you decide to go via the out sourcing route from the awesome group of freelancers at FIVERR or YOUR back against the wall and you really need an alternative source of income for the that desired life you’ve dreamed about since grade school. There are some basic strategies and concepts you will need to catch on to.BROADCAST

  1. Choose Your Platform – the idea here is simple, everyone in this world has a platform they currently using be it Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram ,Youtube ,Pinterest or a Website, they all of tremendous potential to be successful.Ideally choose a single platform to start out as multiple one’s can become overwhelming and confusing
  2. Choose A Niche – After coming to a decision on your preffered platform to promote on,It’s time to choose your niche which is your product category e.g (Health 7 Fitness can be broken down into many sub categories like Yoga, Dieting e.t.c)Just be sure it’s a topic you firstly enjoy and secondly are well versed in (It makes it much easier fingers crossed)
  3. Digital Or Physical Products – Digital products are basically things like courses, programs and software whereas physical products are tangible goods that are shipped. You can use both but I strongly suggest starting with one preferably digital as they tend to give greater commissions than almost all physical products.
  4. Selecting You Affiliate Program – There are numerous programs to name a few I personally use (Clickbank , JV Zoo , Share A Sale , Amazon , Etsy , Digistore e.t.c).Do your due diligence in researching each platform as they differ based on location, payout methods and well difficulty getting approved. You could also sign up directly to the brand itself.

Important terms every affiliate marketer should know :

  • CPA – Cost per action or cost per acquisition,essentially is a payment model where affiliates are paid for a specific action being either to generate a sale or a lead
  • CPC – Cost per click is a method where the affiliate marketer gets paid per received click.
  • CR – Conversion rate is the percentage received upon the completion of a desired action out of the total number of clicks. Conversion divided by impressions=CTR
  • CTR – Click through rate generally shows how often people who see your ad/post end up clicking it.
  • EPC – Earnings per click is what you earn on average for each unique click
  • Lead – A contact you have gained with the potential of becoming a regular customer.
  • SEO – Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website organically
  • PIXEL – is a snippet of code that enables you to track visitor behavior on a website
  • Tracking Link – this is your specific URL from the supplier which tracks all sales and commissions earned by you.
  • Auto Responders – these are software platforms that allow you to run email campaigns and send multiple emails at pre configured times. As technology as grown soo rapidly most of these platforms offer the ability to not only create email campaigns but landing pages, websites and lead magnets.Check out MAILCHIMP or AWEBER.

Do I Have What It Takes To Become A Affiliate Marketer ?

Now that we covered almost all the basics what do you think about your chances of becoming the next success story in this ever giving ever growing field ?

I firmly believe we have the ability to become almost anything we want considering the amount of effort and sacrifice we put into it. Now having said that I also believe that despite doing everything right and planning meticulously we still can fall short of our desired goals and targets.

More than 95% of newbies fail at affiliate marketing for various reasons but I dare say this should be more of a motivation than a deterrent simply because with that many drop-outs there as to be much room for success. When starting this journey have this mindset WIN or LEARN,take the wins and the losses turn into lessons keep pushing your breakthrough is sure to come .

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth The Effort ?

Yes, Yes and Yes is the only logical answer I can give you. Here is why :

  • It is an industry worth over 12 billion dollars as of 2018 and is ever growing
  • You don’t need a huge budget to get started
  • Information and tutorials are in abundance (Don’t trust everybody, some are just out there to make a quick buck off you).My top recommendations are WA ,Lurn and Legendary Marketer .
  • It is easily turned into passive income once you get into the groove of things
  • Is highly scalable at an astonishing rate
  • Has an almost ridiculous ROI(Return On Investment)
  • Can be done from anywhere in the world at your own time and it’s really fun.
  • Start Your Business today

These are just a few reasons to get in on all the hype, make a name for yourself, establish you as a brand and get to help people plus make a decent income all in one.

In all honesty there is no guarantees in life so I would like to leave you with one the scriptures that motivate me the most and that drove me to keep pushing. Ecclesiastes 11:4 “Whoever watches the wind will not plant, whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.”

Challenge yourself to do greatness everyday by simply doing the things you and most of us are not willing to do consistently and diligently.It is usually in the little things that the biggest differences are made.

To Your Continued Success

I challenge you today to take the first step with a special offer on WEALTHY AFFILIATES where you will get access to building 10 websites ,training on how to build, scale and set up your online business,state-of-the-art technology to aid you in keyword research and super fast hosting with SSL Certificates for each site you build



  1. You’ve shared great information about affiliate marketing in this article, thank you.
    I have a question for you please. How long does it take to make money as an affiliate marketer and, sorry, this is 2 questions now, what costs would a newbie need to budget for?
    Many thanks

    • Hey hope you are well and thanks again for taking time out to read this article .
      To your first question results vary and are usually dependent on (!) Your work ethic (2)Weather or not you using paid advertising,organic or both which I strongly reccommend . I would say anywhere from 6 months you should start seeing results but like I mentioned this is dependent on your drive and work ethic and naturally the training you aquire.
      To your second question Budget really is dependent on you and the goals you set and how aggressive you want to go . I personally started with a budget of $100 a month which I use $49 at wealthy affiliate that covers my hosting and access to information, great tutorials/tools and the other I allocate to trying different methods with facebook ads free and paid ,and canva which is truly a GOD SEND AT $13 MONTHLY that enables me to create my ad copy and graphics in minutes literally(check my post on it to find out more https://thinkinvestexcel.com/create-graphic-designs-free-online/).
      I hope this was helpful and should you need more clarity please feel free to inbox me directly

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